How to Turn Your Weightlifting Hobby Into a Profession

Weightlifting is generally broken down into various categories – bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and general health and fitness pursuits. And while each varies in philosophy and execution, weightlifters in general share one common trait – they love workouts and time spent in the gym.

In many cases, if not most, successful weightlifting also involves weightlifters getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and using various vitamins and supplements to keep them healthy and maximize the results of their weightlifting.

Sound familiar?

So tell me, does it make sense to put in all that effort, to craft a healthy mind, body and lifestyle, just to then spend 40 hours a week in a job you hate? Or even in a job that’s OK, but still brings stress into your life on a daily or weekly basis? We all know stress can be bad for the body and the mind, so why go through it to your detriment in order to make someone else wealthier? Sounds kind of counter-productive to all your healthy weightlifting lifestyle, doesn’t it?

What if there was a viable alternative?

Fortunately, there is! If you’ve been weightlifting for a while successfully, you’ve no doubt noticed beneficial changes in your strength, energy, body shape and general attitude. And those around you, in the gym and out, have likely also been noticing and commenting. People are starting to ask how you lost weight, tightened up your midsection, built more muscle or have the time and energy to maintain your fit lifestyle, aren’t they? And therein lies the answer to the work/lifestyle conundrum…

Millions of people around the world go to the gym regularly but aren’t getting the same results you are. They may not have the knowledge of proper weightlifting procedures, they may not know which exercises are best to meet their goals, or they may not even have set specific goals yet, leaving them unable to gauge what works and what is wasting their time.

And for every one of them, there are 5 – 10 people outside the gym who want a healthy lifestyle, who want to lose weight, who want to be stronger or just generally want to improve their body before venturing out to the beach in their newest bikini or swim trunks. Many of them are intimidated by the idea of going to a gym and want to train at home, but they have no idea how to start. Others aren’t intimidated, but they aren’t overly motivated – yet.

Easy to see how YOUR weightlifting, diet and lifestyle knowledge and experience can help them, isn’t it? Fortunately, you can start building your personal training business part-time, investing as much or as little time each week as you have available, at any point through the day or night that you choose to work on it. And unlike a lot of other home-based businesses, you have a great deal of control over how fast your business grows.

Start by doing some quick research online to see which certification best suits the style of weightlifting you want to coach. You might want to start with training to become a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), a Certified Fitness Instructor (CFI) or even a nutrition coach. Over time you may want to get all three along with other, more specific certifications, but for now choose the one that’s most directly related to the type of weightlifting you yourself love participating in. You’re more like to stay motivated and complete the certification if you love the subject, and you’ll also be learning new information to help your own weightlifting results.

While you’re working toward your first certification, set up and start posting to your own health and fitness social media accounts. These will be your ‘store-front windows’ to the weightlifters and wannabes, so don’t skimp – at a minimum set up profiles at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re already a member or know of other social media sites you’d like to use, so much the better.

From this point on, make sure you’re in compliance with any local laws and bylaws regarding home-based businesses, and speak to your insurance professional as to whether you need liability insurance when dispensing exercise instruction, especially with the potential hazards for people new to weightlifting whether they are training at the gym or training at home.

While it’s not necessary to have your weightlifting certifications to start training people, it certainly adds to your credibility when getting started, at least until you have some success stories from your initial weightlifting clients. But you can still do a lot to launch your business while you’re still working toward those certifications.

Are you going to set up a private training area in your garage, basement or spare room? Or are you looking to train people virtually, providing them with the necessary guidance through video chats and pre-prepared workout routines tailored to their goals? Either way, let the word out that you’re looking for a couple of weightlifting friends or acquaintances who are looking to get started or get better results, and that you’re willing to train them for free or a reduced fee in order to be able to use them as examples of your training prowess.

And from there you’re on your way to your own home-based business, turning your weightlifting hobby into your profession. As you garner more certifications, more clients, and a bigger social media following in the weightlifting and fitness industry, you’ll find your knowledge, results, reputation and income can all increase regularly in line with the time and effort you invest in your new home-based business.

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Working From Home Using eBay

Everyone would like to be their own boss and have more control over our private lives and careers. One way to do this is establishing your own home-based business.

Working from Home has many different Advantages:
• You choose your own hours and days to work
• You remain closer to your family, friends and neighbors.
• More time with your family, friends and Neighbors
• Not having to fight that god-awful traffic every morning and afternoon. Which in itself can take almost half of your work day, depending on where you live with respect to work.
• You are your own Boss
• Unlimited Earning potential if you are passionate in this line of work.
• No more worrying about getting laid off

But there are also disadvantages:
• Startup costs that a Low-income family might struggle to acquire
• Investing in more Personal Computers, professional software and tools
• Need some space in which to work, many homes don’t have left over space
• Need training in the tools and services provided for that specific business

So how do we navigate these tricky waters of working from home instead of getting a traditional 9 to 5 job with no guarantee it will always be around to employ us. Especially as we get older… One way is to listen and discuss with others that have become successful at this Like at Commissions from Home.

Drop Shipping is one way of earning an income using eBay and (or) Amazon.

eBay is a pretty easy way to Earn a quick buck, and a respectable income:
• Startup costs are small and simple, usually 50 cents per listing per month.
• Many times, eBay is offering specials where by your first 50 listings are free.
• eBay has very few restrictions on what you can sell, compared to Amazon.
• On eBay you can’t sell fireworks, Fire Arms or body armor, but you can sell everything else.
• On eBay you need special permission to sell Automotive products.
• You will spend most of your time looking for new Products that have a great track record of selling on eBay or Amazon. And before you know it you are selling many different products per day.
• eBay uses PayPal to pay you, and you can use PayPal VISA Debit Card to purchase orders from your supplier
• eBay founded PayPal, but now they are separate companies, but still work hand and hand together.
• So, the way it works, when you have a sell, your customer pays eBay, eBay puts that money in your PayPal account, you then use your PayPal VISA Debit card to purchase the Product that sold. While you pocket the price difference. Then copy and paste your buyers address into your suppliers “Shipping Address”, and then you are off to the races.
• You only must return to your eBay buyer sells page after your supplier provides you the Carrier and tracking number when that order ships, which you must provide eBay to insure you get credit for that sell and fulfillment of that eBay order.
• All you must do is find a supplier online that sells for less than what you are selling it for on eBay
• Spend some time shopping and take notes on what everyone in the stores are buying and incorporate that into your product strategies.
• Remember to use the eBay Listing Notes as documentation on where that product is coming from, so you don’t get confused on where to purchase that product when it sells. These notes travel with that product where ever it goes. But your customers and eBay never see them, only you can see your notes.

What kind of income to expect from eBay:

Keep in mind that your U.S. Bank can barely struggle to pay you 0.1% simple interest per year on your savings account; but using eBay you can earn 15% to 300% or more using other people’s money by purchasing their products for them, using their money they put in your PayPal account. There are many eBay Merchants earning $6,000 to $12,000 per month just selling other people’s products on eBay. However, the more time you put into this business, the more you make and the faster you make your desired income. Have your spouse or other family members pitch in to help your business become more profitable faster. At some point you may find it necessary to hire employees to handle the extra work.

When you establish setting up your eBay store after having about 150 product listings, you can have a switch that permits you to go on vacation and close your store while you are out of town. Then turn it back on when you get back from your vacation. This saves you from having to bring your Laptop on vacation and always needing access to WIFI.

However, there is nothing stopping you from running your eBay store while on vacation, unless you don’t have a laptop or don’t have access to WIFI. Most of the time you only need to spend about 20 to 30 minutes a day fulfilling that day’s orders, and only do that once per day. So, even when you are on vacation, you can still run your eBay store while making sells and still earning an income.

Here are some eBay aids that you will find very useful:

eBay Watch Count is a free tool that helps you search and find the bestselling line of products on eBay, you will find that many have sold countless thousands on eBay. And if you follow their examples you will be out selling your competition in no time at all.

INFINii is a company that provides tools for finding good quality products for eBay, Amazon, Shopify and Bonanza. And advanced tools for creating impressive eBay Listing pages. But it also provides inventory tracking so that you are not caught with your britches down when your supplier runs out of stock or changes their prices before you made your sell. Their tools will make the important adjustments to your eBay listings so that you are always making a profit, and always selling products that are in stock. Their tools are very valuable and useful, but they aren’t free. So, pay attention to the different product service levels. You can get it for as little as $50 per month to use their tools. They also provide training for each of the eStore platforms like eBay, Amazon, Bonanza and Shopify, which you will need so you know how to setup and operate your Stores.

Keywordspy is a very valuable tool that provides a free trial usage. This tool is free up to a limited time. But can help you find keywords to your eBay or Amazon listings that have a track record of selling. This tool provides the keywords used in search engines to find products that people have purchased online at eBay and Amazon. And the best way to get your buying customers; is to use this tool to stand in line for the most frequently used Key word search terms for those products.

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Ways on How to Earn Money Online?

Let’s make a list of stuff that we do or can do online.

Got it?

Now if we list them down and club the answers of various people, we will find all sorts of activities such as shopping, retailing, marketing, browsing, e-commerce, trading, banking and a hundred other things. But very few people would have got “making/earning money” as a tool provided by the Internet. So let us explore this accessory:

Why a second income is essential

There are very few people in the world who can sustain just on their salary or paycheck without doing something else on the side. Even if, say you are earning more than enough, a second or a backup income per se, will never hurt. Instead, it will ensure that (god forbid) if you lose your job tomorrow, you will not be in any panic whatsoever regarding monetary problems at-least.

If the biggest celebrities who earn millions and billions in their fields do something on the side such as brand endorsements, advertisements, then how can we as simple people say or think of denying a chance to earn a secondary income.

Also, if you have a dream of say building an empire or living a luxurious life etc. that can NEVER be done on a single paycheck or working a 9-5 job. There has to be a subsidiary income to complement whatever you are doing to live up to your expectations of a lavish lifestyle. Make a list of the biggest and the richest people in the world. 90% of them for sure have their inflow of money from at-least two different sources.

How to earn on the side?

From simple referrals, promotions, commissions etc. to surveys, apps etc. there are all kinds of ways (legitimate of course) to make money returned to you in the form of cash into your PayPal or bank account directly. As always with all the things in the vast universe, even the internet can be used to positive levels to provide some extra earning apart from your regular paycheck(s).

The possibility of working/interning from your home also has been made available to allow people to work in their own time and do something on the side, resulting in the profit of both the recruiter and the employee/intern.

How much you make all depends on your willingness to work. You can earn $5 or $500. The factor making the difference is how much time you can make to live a debt-free life to the least.

Things to keep in mind

Of course “prevention is better than cure”. Same is the situation with online money making schemes. This is of course a world of cons that we are living in, so it is of course imperative to stay vigilant when getting involved in money-related matters. Always look for schemes/ways that either have no initial investment in the form of signing up amount or anything or have a very small amount losing which won’t make you sad or burn a hole in your pocket.

Better yet, we know prevention is better than cure right! So why risk losing even a small amount of money by utilizing some of our time in researching and analyzing the platform we want to utilize to make money. Won’t cost anything other than a few minutes or hours, tops.

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Working From Home Using Amazon

Working from Home using Amazon is a much better way to faster and larger profits, because Amazon has more than 100 times the customer base than what eBay has. But Amazon is also far more restrictive in its Product Categories. Amazon expects you to be a professional expert in the categories of products that you sell on Amazon. Amazon is also far less tolerant of mistakes. Whereas eBay is far more tolerant of mistakes. This is why there are very few merchants that sell on Amazon, which means there will be less competition. And the competition is reduced even more if you apply for and get approved to sell one of the Gated Categories Like Automotive, Jewelry, Luggage, clothing, etc.,…

AMAZON Products:

First off, most all the products sold on Amazon are sold by other online Merchants, Amazon doesn’t own hardly any products at all. Amazon simply provides an online platform for merchants worldwide to advertise and sell their products using the Amazon’s WEB site, while pocketing between 7.5% to 15% Commissions.

There are 2 ways to Sell on Amazon:

1) Fulfillment by Merchant is where by you drop ship your products either from your store or from another WEB site fulfillment center, like:, eBay, etc.,… In this method you really never have to handle any products, only your supplier does. Using this method, you will get your money first, then purchase the product for your customer. A much more secure way of earning an income. However, Amazon only pays every 2 weeks. So, every 2 weeks you get your money back, plus profits. As compared to eBay you get your money for purchase of that product immediately, and when your order is completely fulfilled and delivered to your customer the rest of that money is yours to keep as pure profit.

2) FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is where you seek out a Manufacture or Manufacturers’ outlet stores to acquire brand new products for penny’s on the dollar. In this method you get the largest profit margins possible, whereby you buy for $1 or less, then sell for $5 to $10 or more. Which ends up being 5 to 10 times what you purchased it for, then you ship it into Amazon’s warehouse and let Amazon advertise, sell and ship the products to your customers for you. You don’t have to do anything but keep the inventory in stock at Amazon. A lot less work on your part, especially if you can get your manufacturer to ship your products directly to Amazon’s warehouse for you and many do. Some will even put your branded label on that product for you for a small fee. In some instances, you might ship to your facilities (or Home) and then you package up that product, or a bundle of products to make one product. Then ship that product to Amazon’s warehouse. Bundling multiple products together as one product makes it more difficult for your competition to copy your product exactly. Thus, eliminating competition even more. For Example, you might sell a set of Pizza pans with a pizza cutter in a bundle.

Finding Manufacturers is relatively easy, simply find the product UPC bar code on that product packaging (not the Store’s Bar Code which is usually an additional taped UPC code sticker stuck to the product packaging by the store). Next to that bar code is the Manufacturers (or Manufacturers Distributor) Address and phone number. Simply call up that phone number and ask for Minimum order quantity and the cost per unit. If you order directly from the Manufacturer, you may be required to purchase in bulk, but remember you are going to be buying these products for pennies on the dollar, so even if you have to buy 500 of them at 20 cents each, it is only going to cost you $100 for example. And if You sell them for $10 you just made $5000 while only spending $100 for the products and $3 in Amazon commission fees + Handling fees, you are still pocketing $3400 in net sales profit.

Using the Manufacturers’ outlet stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, 99 Cent Max, Five and below, Topper Liquidator, etc.,… you can purchase a small number of these products first and see how well they sell on Amazon through FBA. And if they sell well, then order in bulk from the manufacturer. This way you are only spending a very few bucks to test out a products marketability on Amazon. A lot less than the $100 mentioned earlier. But the Manufacturers outlet stores will cost a little bit more per product than the Manufacturers cost. Normally around $1 or less each, sometimes more. Depending on which Manufacturers outlet store you shop at.

Useful Tools to acquire:

“ASINspector” is a valuable tool you can find online that will help you find products that are the top-selling in a given category name on Amazon. But this tool also works on eBay, Walmart and other online stores. The results are going to be compared to Amazon when it comes to sales volume, pricing, and profit margins. This tool will even advise you on the best sources for a given specific product as well. In addition to other market studies like selling trends over the past and current times. A great many market parameters are measured by this tool.

You can even sort and filter these Sales volumes and gross profits in order of highest to lowest, or Lowest to Highest. Using this tool, you may find that Amazon has the Lowest prices and on eBay they sell higher, so in which case you want to source from Amazon and sell on eBay. But if it sells lower on eBay and higher on Amazon, you want to source from eBay and sell on Amazon. But don’t always assume that eBay or Amazon will have the best prices, because sometimes Walmart or other online stores do.

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How To Run Your Home Business Like A Real Business

Many people dream of being able to work from home. This article has all the information you need to get started with your home business.

Make sure you keep accurate records of all your home business activity. It’s easy to put off pesky record-keeping tasks till you feel like doing them, but strive to keep everything pertaining to your business up-to-date so that you won’t be confused and stressed out later on.

Develop the discipline to set aside a certain amount of your earnings to pay income taxes. Even though home business owners get a decent number of tax write-offs, there is a very good chance that you will still need to pay something to the tax man. Make sure to set aside a portion each month to avoid taking a huge cash-flow hit all in one month.

Make sure you create a mailing list as your home based business grows. Be sure to have communication below spam levels. Mailing lists are perfect for announcing sales and special events within your company. Some businesses use the mailing list to circulate miscellaneous articles that contain relevant information. Add a signup area on your website for people to join your list.

Attend seminars that discuss how to start a home business. The Small Business Adminstration is one organization that offers such seminars free of charge. Look online for other organizations offering seminars or classes in your area. Be wary of anyone offering a seminar that promises dramatic results in a very short time frame. Starting and running any business takes time, effort and dedication.

Determine how much it costs to make your product if you run a home business. You should charge others twice this amount for wholesale and twice the amount of wholesale for retail. If you do not have an accurate estimate of how much it costs for your product, you will not be able to charge others the correct amount.

Starting a home business can often seem to be a daunting task, but by organizing yourself beforehand you will have more chance for success. The very first thing you should do is to sit down, and write out a step by step plan for how you can implement your business. This will help you to know what to do next.

When you are ready to write a business plan for your new business, get some help from experts. This does not mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a business consultant. You can find many books in the library, containing sample business plans for every type of business imaginable. You can also find samples from online resources.

When starting your home business you will want to go the post office and get a PO Box for mail that is sent to the business. There are a lot of crazy people in the world and you do not want to invite them to your front door by having your home address as the mailing address for your business. A PO Box is a safe and affordable way to avoid hassles.

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